positive outcomes occur as we build a bridge between the material & spiritual worlds

TESTIMONIAL for Workshop presenter, VIVEN PERUMAL: 

" Viven Perumal is one of my most favorite teachers.  I didn’t want the workshop to end!  Even after sitting for two 8-hour days of intense information!   What I loved so much about the workshop was that for me, it connected and validated teachings from several different spiritual masters, metaphysical laws and other information I have been studying for over 25 years.  Viven taught the information in a way that greatly elevated my understanding while resonating with me so profoundly as pure, divine, Truth.  In the two years that have passed since Viven was last here in Pittsburgh, I consider what I learned in the workshop to be some of the most treasured teachings I have ever come across."

Maureen O. Pittsburgh

"Good morning Michele. I just wanted to take time to acknowledge the role that your curriculum has had in my life. My confidence in my self is building and I'm becoming stronger every day. Also, I'm developing a New Perspective on how to deal with the people in my life and it's made all of the difference.  Thank you for your presence and consistency in all that you do."

Jionna A.  Pittsburgh