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Become A Better You

Is this You?


Do you dread going to work? Are you frustrated with habitual thinking and negative thoughts?

Are you constantly dealing with health issues?

Are you inspired with your life?

Do you experience Spirit in your life: guidance, grace, self love?

Are You Stuck?


 Are you unclear on your direction or scared you will make the wrong choice? Are you unable to acknowledge your feelings? Do you find yourself repeating relationships that go nowhere and diminish your sense of well being and confidence?

It's Time for Change


Viven Perumal and Michele Saling  are life coaches who offer tools and resources to manifest success in your life:  relationships, work and career,  your spiritual development and ongoing material success.  Yo will  identify behaviors that obstruct your point of view and cause breakthroughs in patterns and habits that prevent you from taking effective and long term impactful actions. 

It all starts with an conversation...

Life-Changing Coaching


Michele Saling is a spiritual counselor, teacher and healer trained  in the  ancient healing art of MariKari.  Michele also holds a Master degree in Religious Education from Duquesne University and a law degree from Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles. Her skills and training  in conciliation and mediation have assisted her in her life coaching services as well as her 20+ years in human potential development. Michele believes Spirit directs the spiritual growth and development of those who seek enlightenment.

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